6.830/6.814: Database Systems
Spring 2021

Lecture slides, videos, labs, problem sets, quizzes, and solutions will be posted here.

Lecture SlidesLink
Lecture 1[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 2[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 3[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 4[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
(Apologies for the poor video resolution!)
Lecture 5[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 6[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 7[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 8[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
[Sort-Merge Code]
Lecture 9[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Java Tutorial[Video]
Lecture 10[PPT] [Code] [Video]
Lecture 11[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Quiz 1 Review[PDF] [Video]
Lecture 12[PDF] [PPT] [Video]
Lecture 13[PDF][PPT][Video]
Lecture 14[PDF][PPT][Video]
Lecture 15[PDF][PPT][Video]
Lecture 16[PDF][PPT][Video]
Lecture 17[PDF][PPT][Code][Video]
Lecture 18[Google Slides][Video]
Lecture 19[PDF][PPT][Video]
Lecture 20[PPT][Video]
Lecture 21[PPT][Video]
Quiz 2 Review[Google Slides][Video]

Problem SetsDueLink
Problem Set 103/02/2021[PDF] [Handout]
Problem Set 203/29/2021[PDF]
Problem Set 305/10/2021[PDF]

Final ProjectVarious[Description]
[Suggested Projects]
Team Registration03/10/2021[Form]
Programming Contest05/19/2021[Github]

Lab 103/10/2021[Github]
Lab 203/19/2021[Github]
Lab 304/06/2021[Github]
Lab 404/22/2021[Github]
Lab 505/04/2021[Github]
Lab 605/19/2021[Github]

Past QuizzesLink
Quiz 1 [2015 Exam] [2015 Soln] [2016 Exam] [2016 Soln] [2017 Soln] [2021 Soln]
Quiz 2 [2015 Exam] [2015 Soln] [2016 Exam] [2016 Soln] [2021 Soln]

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